Cmmi level Certification


The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is an effective model, developed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI), USA for process and service improvement in software development and delivery processes of an organization. It is a systematic and structured collection of effective sets of practices for process improvement. The model can be used for the process improvement of a specific project or an entire organization. In simple words, CMMI defines all the necessary aspects to deliver great services or build great products.


In this highly competitive world, you have to always stay a one step ahead from your competitors. By implementing CMMI model in your organization, you make sure to have an edge over your competitors in term of quality of services. It certifies that your organization is practicing the industry best practices to come up with the best services in software development and delivery.


The main objective of the CMMI is to follow an effective model within an organization for the process and service improvement in software development projects. It provides your organization a unique identity.

What we do?

As one of the leading and highly trusted CMMI Consultants, Indicium Assessment helps companies in the whole CMMI implementation process. Our highly experienced professionals help your company to implement the required procedures proficiently and get the CMMI Certification with ease.


  • Gap analysis : Our experienced team first analyzes gap between the Capability Maturity Model Integration standard and your existing working and service culture.
  • Training : Once we are done with the gap analysis, our second step starts and that is training your selected group of employees according to the standard and requirement of the CMMI. Training may go up to six week long.
  • Internal Audit 1 : After the employee training part, we start the 1st internal audit. In the first internal audit our professionals try to find all the existing errors and try to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • Internal Audit 2 : : Once we fix all the issues of the 1st internal audit, we start the second and final internal audit.
  • External audit : The last step is helping your internal team to pass the external appraisals and get the CMMI Certification. Our professionals equip your organization to answer all the queries of external appraisers by 100% implementation of required procedures.

Benefits of CMMI Certification

  • Market demand : CMMI is the demand of the time. Companies are using the CMMI for their business benefits and attracting more customers by ensuring industry best practices for development and delivery of software projects are adhered. Companies have adopted this model to meet the customer’s demand and rising competition.
  • Cost saving : CMMI adoption helps companies detect the real time error detection in a project that results in reduced project cost. Companies have to work less on re-work by adopting this model. It also significantly helps companies in more accurate cost prediction.
  • Consistency : CMMI offers a proven approach that has helped organizations in project consistency and improved project predictability. By adopting the CMMI Process, a company can dramatically improve their consistency in service delivery.
  • Self improvement : Company can use CMMI to make them more competitive and to differentiate themselves locally and internationally. Companies are also adopting CMMI to enhance performance and adopt an internationally proved model for more efficiency and output to stand out from the crowd.

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