Data Loss Prevention

An Overview

Data Loss Prevention which is also commonly known as DLP is the effective methodology to identify and prevent the unauthorized access and transmission of an organization’s sensitive information. By implementing Data Loss Prevention, an organization ensures that information is being utilized in its intended manner. DLP minimizes the risk of unauthorized data access and transmission. In simple word it ensures the complete safety of your organization’s confidential and sensitive data.


In today’s business environment, no organization can risk the exposing of their sensitive and confidential data. Loss of confidential data of an organization can lead to penalties from the regulatory bodies and huge loss of business. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a robust and effective system that can prevent from the data loss or at least minimize the chances of unauthorized access of sensitive information.


The main objective behind DLP is to ensure the complete safety of the organization’s sensitive data. It strictly restricts users from transmitting confidential data to any other external network. Indicium Assessment offers the exclusive Data Loss Prevention consultancy to make your network highly secured from any type of data loss or unauthorized data transmission.

What we do?

Indicium Assessment helps you in the complete deployment of an effective Data Loss Prevention system. Our experienced professionals do not just help you in mere software installation but they also help develop appropriate procedures and policies to continuously minimize any changes of data loss. We analyze your existing information security system and help your organization coming with a highly secured system where loss of data is nearly impossible.


  • Custom report highlighting key points and references according to the need of your organization.
  • Indicium Assessment will provide you a detailed report of the Data Loss Prevention roadmap and strategy that identifies and helps you in the protection of your organization’s information assets.

Benefits DLP

  • Helps secure your organization’s confidential information.
  • Helps form a robust system to track and identify the safety breaches in your existing information security system.
  • Always keeps your company’s sensitive data intact and highly secured.
  • Restrict unauthorized access to organization’s confidential data.
  • Gives your investors and client confidence to share their information.

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