Information security audit


An information security audit is a systematic assessment of an existing information security management system of an organization by calculating how well it does against a set of established criteria. Information security audit provides the clear picture to an organization regarding their existing information security management system.


Today, organizations are working day and night to increase their accessibility to partners, customers, vendors and suppliers. To maintain the pace, organizations often deploy number of applications which have very weak security model or no security model at all which further results in increased risk of data theft and manipulation of data. Ineffective information security mechanism works as a cherry on the cake for cyber criminals and hackers. Indicium Assessment offers the exclusive information security audit services to help protect your confidential business data with a comprehensive and focused approach. Our industry experts will discover all the available vulnerabilities in your information security mechanism and provide a comprehensive report on it.


The main objective of the information security audit is to find the vulnerabilities in your existing management security system to make it secure and safe. The audit helps you make your information security management system safer for your client and your investors.

What we offer?

Indicium Assessment is helping organizations in forming the robust information security management system since long. Our experienced information security consultants analyze your information security infrastructure components at every level to ensure that each component is functioning without causing any danger to organization’s confidential information. Our team of highly experienced information security auditing professionals use the latest cutting edge tools and proven methodologies to ensure the complete safety and security of your confidential information.


In information security audit, our professionals will provide a detailed analysis report of your information security management system. We will check your existing information security system at every level and provide you a report including all the loop holes in your system along with the solutions.

Benefits of Information security audit:

  • Highlights all the available weakness in your information security management system.
  • Helps form a robust information security management system to ensure the confidentiality of data.
  • Ensures the integrity of organizations information.
  • Ensures information is accessible only to those who have the authorization to access the data.
  • Ensures information access to authorized users when required.
  • Makes the organizations aware of the gaps which need to be filled in order to achieve Industry Standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

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