Network Risk Analysis and Security Implementation

An Overview:

Indicium Assessment offers the complete Network Risk Analysis and Security Implementation services to make your network highly secured and safe from all types of internal as well as external threats. Indicium Assessment helps organizations to highly secure their network from hacking and unauthorized access by designing and implementing the super advance security solutions.


In this highly competitive world, no organization affords to lose one single confidential data or information. A slight security breach in your business network can result into huge loss of assets and brand value of an organization. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a robust network security system in place. Through Network Risk Analysis and Security Implementation services, we help in making your organization’s network fully safe and secured.


The main objective of the Network Risk Analysis and Security Implementation services is to identify all the potential risks to your network security and implement a highly effective and reliable security system in place. We help you identify all the loopholes in your network security system and implement a highly secured network security system for the complete safety of your organization confidential data.

What we do?

Highly experienced professionals of Indicium Assessment first perform various types of security testing to check the effectiveness of your organization’s current security system. By evaluating your current network security system, we try to understand the actual business risks to your organization. Once we done with the Network Risk Analysis part, we start the second part and that is planning, designing and implementation of the ultra advance security solutions to ensure the complete safety of your organization’s data and information. We also assist your organization in selecting the most advance and effective security solution according to your business demand. Our security solution includes:

  • Web Filtering and DLP Solution
  • AntiMalware/Endpoint
  • Firewall, IDS/IPS Solution
  • Configuration Hardening
  • Security Solution
  • Security Process and Policies


Our experienced professionals create a detailed report after accessing your network security carefully by using latest tools and software. We also provide a report containing the effective solution for all the network security issues and concern. Moreover, we help your internal team understand and implement the effective solutions.

Benefits of Network Risk Analysis and Security Implementation:

  • Helps detect and evaluate all the network security risks.
  • Gives the clear picture about the effectiveness of the current network security system.
  • Helps in selecting the most appropriate and effective network security solution.
  • Ensure the complete safety of your organization’s confidential data.
  • Restricts hackers from entering inside your network.
  • Restricts the unauthorized access to confidential data and information.
  • Helps you in investing in the right security solution.

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