PCI DSS Certification


PCI DSS certification is solely made to ensure the complete safety of the online financial transactions. The certification is mandatory for the businesses that store and process the confidential financial transactions and information. PCI DSS is an international mandatory requirement to minimize the credit and debit card frauds in the online financial transactions.


Today online fund transaction is highly popular and used by almost all online merchants. With increased amount of online fund transactions through credit and debit cards, payment card theft and fraud is also very common. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of compulsory requirements to reduce or minimize the chances of credit and debit card fraud. The main aim behind the PCI DSS is to enhance the payment account data security. It is mandatory for any organization that process or store cardholders data, to comply with PCI DSS. Indicium Assessments offers the PCIDSS compliance consultancy services to help you get this mandatory certificate.


The main objective of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is to ensure that the online financial transactions are lot more safe and secured. By installing PCI DSS, you can enhance the payment account data security of your network.

What we offer?

Merchants or service providers who process or store the user’s credit card or debit card data are required to exhibit fulfillment with the PCI DSS requirements annually. Indicium Assessment helps you achieving the PCI DSS compliance. Our experienced professionals have in-depth knowledge of all the requirements of PCI DSS and help your company achieve the compliance.


  • Readiness Review: In first step, Indicium Assessment provides a high level plan for achieving PCI DSS compliance to organizations that are new to PCI.
  • Gap Analysis: This is the most important step in which we determine the gap between the existing controls against the requirements. On the basis of gap analysis, we provide the recommendations for the improvements.
  • Internal audit: Once we fix all the issues on the basis of gap analysis, we conduct the internal audit to check any existing problem in achieving the required compliance for the PCI DSS.
  • Certification: Our experienced professionals help your organization face the certification audit and get the certification on a successful audit result.

Benefits of PCI DSS

  • PCI DSS is a certificate that ensures that your systems are highly secured that further improve the customer’s trust to share their sensitive payment card information.
  • You become eligible to do business with all the banks and leading payment brands like American Express and Master Card.
  • PCI DSS compliance is an ongoing process which helps secure your payment gateway.

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