Software Quality Testing

An Overview:

Software quality testing is a systematic approach of analyzing software against various standards. Our manual and automated software testing provides critical indicators and lead metrics which help in early correction in a software. It further helps in significantly improving the quality of software and reduces the negative impact of software on implementation.


It is extremely important for software to work within set parameters to benefit its users. It can severely harm the purpose of an organization if it does not work according to its set programs and parameters. Therefore, it is crucial for any software development organization to test newly developed software against various parameters to avoid any future hassle.


The main objective behind the software testing is to identify the errors in software. Indicium Assessment does the various types of software testing to identify any type of working errors in the software. It greatly helps reduce your project cost and timing by quickly accessing the errors.

What we do?

Indicium Assessment uses the cutting edge tools to test software at various levels. We also practice the manual testing for the complete analysis of your software. We test the software at various levels to determine whether it is meeting the requirements of the users or not. Our software testing services include:

  • Life cycle testing
  • Test consulting
  • Industrial testing
  • Specialized testing


We provide a detailed report on the software testing containing the key points of the test. In our report we also provide various steps need to be taken to improve the overall functionality and quality of software. The detailed report provided by us also includes the effectiveness of software according to various industries.


  • Significantly improves the quality of your software
  • Helps reduce software cost by accessing the software errors on time
  • Provides you extra time to make the changes in the software
  • Improves the chances of market success of a software product
  • Significantly improves the reliability of a software

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