An overview

Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) is exclusively designed to detect the security vulnerabilities within a web application. Unlike other web penetration testing, application penetration assessments also evaluates the risk involved with the third party application. This make, WAPT a perfect choice for finding the security vulnerability of a web application that has been already deployed and running. The penetration test that is carried under the WAPT is built around manual as well as tool based testing process.


In this highly competitive world, safety and security of your confidential business data is extremely important. One loop whole in your existing security system can hammer your business widely and results into huge loss. Therefore, it is extremely important to check all the vulnerabilities within your web applications to ensure the complete safety of your overall system.


The main objective behind the Web Application Penetrating Testing is to identify any security vulnerabilities present within your web application or due to any other third party application. WAPT provides the clear picture about your web application security and helps you fix any security threat.

What we offer?

Indicium Assessment offers the exclusive Web Application Penetration Testing services. Our experienced professionals use the latest tools and perform the manual testing, to find the potential vulnerabilities and configuration as well as coding errors in your web application. Manual testing enables our professionals to find the security errors that often an automated system misses. During the web application penetration testing, our professionals simulate the real world attacks to get a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities and threats to web application.


Experienced professionals of Indicium Assessment use the cutting edge tools and equipments to conduct the manual vulnerabilities testing of your Web Application. We provide you the detailed report of the test along with all the vulnerabilities and risk.

Benefits of WAPT:

  • Provide management a comprehensive understanding of the severity of risk initiated by a web application.
  • Helps organization to harden the web application in order to make it secured for online transactions.
  • Provide a detailed and cost effective solution to deal with the threat created by a web application.
  • Helps significantly in making the future decisions regarding the formation of information security strategies which need to be adhered during development phase.

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